Dust Mops

Dust MopsMagnakleen offers both traditional twisted cotton fiber and microfiber dust mops for every situation.

Infinity TwistInfinity Twist® Dust Mop.
Unique tightly twisted yarn construction, gives the mop unparalleled durability. It will not fray or snag and withstands repeated laundering. This standard mop comes in 5 color codes for sizes, or department identification.

Microfiber mopsMicrofiber Dust Mop.
There are several reasons for using a microfiber mop to clean your floors. This kind of mop comes with a rectangular mop head that is easier to maneuver than other kinds of mops. The microfiber used in the mop is highly absorbent which allows the it to hold a sufficient amount of water to clean the floor. The mop holds the water so that it does not drip all over the floor as you are carrying it which in turn decreases the number of times that you have to wring the mop head. It also helps to make sure that the floor is left just damp enough so that the water can evaporate quickly.