Facility Products

Facility Products

Facility cleanliness is a critical business issue that can affect customer satisfaction as well as corporate image. Providing a clean, comfortable workplace can increase customer satisfaction, improve employee morale, boost productivity and help promote good health. It can also have a very dramatic effect on the life of equipment and building surfaces. Magnakleen is here to help and offers a full line of facility products to keep dust, dirt, oil, water and allergins out.

Mops: Ordinary mops just push the dirt around but microfiber mops hang on to the dirt leaving a clean, streak free surface. Cleaning tasks will be completed in a fraction of the time with less effort, saving on labor and resources. Magnakleen has a full line of dust, microfiber and wet mops with flexible rental options.

Why does the Magnakleen Microfiber mop perform so well? To find out you need to know a little about what split microfiber is and how it works.

Split microfiber is a special yarn that is as small as .2 denier or less than 1/100th the diameter of a human hair, which is about 20 times smaller than typical cotton fibers. The filament is very fine, very strong, and very light weight. The wedge shaped pieces of polyester, together with the nylon core and the smallness of the filaments allows much greater surface contact and conformity to the area to be cleaned. The softness and material used enables these products to be scratch free allowing them to be used on almost any surface. Micro fibers can also hold 6 to 8 times its weight in liquid.

microfiber ordinary cotton
  • Millions of tiny 'scoops' pull dirt and dust up inside the cloth where they remain until washed away
  • Results are clean, streak free surfaces
  • Using a light spray of water helps emulsify dirt and oil, making it easier for the split microfiber cloth to pick it up
  • Its high absorbancy will quickly clean up spills
  • Tends to push dirt and dust around
  • Residue is left behind on the surface you're cleaning
  • The structure of ordinary fiber cloth allows it to hold very little dirt
  • The liquid and dirt penetrates the natural cotton fibers causing staining and making it much more difficult to clean

Restroom & Paper Products: According to a recent Harris Interactive poll which queried 1,000 US Adults over the age of 18, 94% would not return to a business simply because of a dirty restroom. Ninety four percent! If that doesnít make you get out the mop and bucket, check your air freshener, and refill your paper products, we donít know what will. We can supply all your restroom paper towel and tissue needs as well as hand soaps ranging from heavy-duty cleansers for stubborn industrial dirt to gentle antimicrobial soaps for everyday use.

Shop Towels & Aprons: What good is cleaning up if you wipe with a dirty towel? Whether your company deals with oil, grease or everyday clean-up, we can tailor a program to your business needs. We will set up a custom rental program built to meet your needs to supply fresh towels, microfiber towels or aprons at regular intervals.

We carry a full line of dust and microfiber mops for purchase and/or rent for all your cleaning needs.

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Restroom & Paper Products
We carry all your restroom paper and gel pack air fresheners needs.

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Towels & Aprons
We have a full line of aprons, microfiber and shop towels in several sizes and quantities.

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Contact us for details and let us help you determine which options is best for you.

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