Going Green With Magnakleen

U.S. Green Building Council 'Green' thinking for over 50 years

As a supplier of reusable products as compared to disposables, Magnakleen is part of the 'green' movement. The U.S. Green Building Council recommends creation of an entrance mat system to capture soil and contaminents before they enter buildings and we can help you create and manage these systems. We take our responsiblility to the environment serious with a waste water recycling program and have reduced our use of harmful chemicals. We have utilize Microfiber and other green friendly products for over 10 years and recycle 100% of our rental mats.

How can Magnakleen help?

In a Green Building an entrance mat is the first line of defense against contaminants and particles entering the buildingSoil is everywhere and managing it is a vital part of our everyday existence. At the heart of every effective entrance mat program is the prevention of contaminants from entering a building. The U.S. Green Building Council has developed a rating system for new and existing buildings to encourage building owners to earn credit for meeting certain housekeeping criteria. In a Green Building an entrance mat is the first line of defense against contaminants and particles entering the building. As such, there are four things an entrance mat should do:

Stops oil and water.
  • 85% of all soil enters a building on the feet of the building occupants.
  • High performance mats are more effective at stopping soil from entering buildings.
  • Stopping these contaminates reduces cleaning labor costs and reduces wear on floor surfaces
  • Mats also substantially reduce the need for cleaning chemicals that might be harmful to the building occupants and the environment.
Store soil and water for removal at a convenient time.
  • Storing means that a high performance mat contains soil in a place where it can be removed effectively and safely with minimum impact on the building.
  • An effective entrance mat stores the soil and water until it is removed during cleaning.
  • A building with minimized contaminants reduces the amount of cleaning chemicals required. This reduces airborne contaminants and volatile organic contaminants (VOCs) from cleaning chemicals, thereby improving a building's Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).
Minimize tracking of stored soil and water into the building.
  • A mat with high twist, heat set nylon yarn not only effectively removes dirt from the soles of shoes, but it also filters dirt and water down to the base of the carpet to prevent it from being transferred into the building.
  • Mats with a non-heat set carpet surface will crush flat and once soil is deposited on these mats, it can reattach to the shoe of another person and be tracked further into the building.
  • A permanent bi-level construction extends the performance life of a mat reducing the need to dispose of mats frequently.
  • Lower performing mats must be replaced 4 to 5 times more often than bi-level mats contributing significantly more waste to our landfills.
Provide a safe surface for traffic.
  • Effective entrance mats utilize a slip-resistant Nitrile rubber backing, which provides traction for the mat on the floor.
  • Entrance mats are designed to stop moisture at the door, reducing the incidences of slip/fall accidents on unprotected floor services.

How much is enough?

Over three-quarters of the dust, soil, and contaminants in a building come through the door on peopleís feet, damaging carpets, floors, and adding to the cost of maintenance. Itís been estimated that one square yard of carpet accumulates a pound or more of dirt in a week and up to 85% of the soil brought into any building can be contained within the first 10 to 12 feet.

Waste Water Recycling Program

Waste Water TreatmentMagnakleen has always tried to utilize water and energy conservation programs. We recycle and reuse over 30% of the water that is required in the laundry on a daily basis. We also treat all of the water leaving the facility. We are at or below all tested levels for such contaminants as lead, zinc, nickel, copper, chromium and oil and grease.

Magnakleen has always kept a close eye on chemical usage and the environment. Over 30 years ago, we went from an oil based dust mop treatment to a water soluble treatment. Why still as effective at attracting dirt, it is not harmful to the environment and does not leave any residue on floors. Additionally, Magnakleen has reduced our usage of bleach by almost 60% by utilizing state of the art chemicals in the processing of our products.

Conservation Minded Products

For over 20 years Magnakleen has been using Microfiber and other green products. Their long life and reduced need for cleaning products make them ideal for the green movement. Additionally, wet mops are now being made entirely from recycled plastic bottles. Magnakleen also recycles 100% of all our rental mats.

Why use Magnakleen?

Magnakleen leads the way with utilization of new products to make buildings cleaner; air quality safer; and at the same time using less water, energy and chemicals in their processing. We are a company that can adapt quickly to trends and keep ahead of larger industrial laundries with ties to the old way of doing business. We have shown this with the introduction of microfiber years before other companies brought it to the marketplace. We look forward to moving forward, partnering with our suppliers and our clients to better the environments in our towns, cities, states, and the world.

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