When it comes to floor maintenance, we have it covered. Magnakleen offers a full line of microfiber and traditional yarn dust and wet mops for all your cleaning needs.

Our heavy duty dust mops are industrial laundry grade and designed with superior performance and durability properties. This mop allows for superior dust pick-up and retention and eliminates the need for mop treatment.

The Micro Fiber traditional style dust mop offers the cleaning benefits of micro fiber without having to replace standard frames and handles. Our poly/canvas backed micro fiber mops attract dust electro statically and hold dust that cotton mops leave behind.

A lightweight, durable alternative to traditional damp mopping and dusting is the Micro Mop. This multi-purpose mop uses microfibers that scrape up and hold dust, dirt and grime. The mop heads can easily be replaced and can be machine washed and dried through at least 500 cycles.

Contact us at (203) 237-0025 and arrange a meeting with one of our specialist to help you decide which product is best for you.

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We offer a full line of dust mops in 6 sizes and 5 colors.
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Cleaning is easier and faster with microfiber pre-treated mops.
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