Shop Towels & Aprons

Shop Towels and Aprons

Shop towels can be used wherever machinery, furniture and equipment has to be wiped down as well as be used to wipe hands. With the rising concerns over hazardous waste and the availability of landfills, reuse and recycling is the green and econimical choice for many businesses. With rental shop towels, there is no disposal and no disposal cost and provides a continuous supply of towels. There also is no need for a large storage area when renting towels. Magnakleen can pick up and supply new clean towels on a regular schedule to meet your needs.

Towels and apronsWe carry a full selection of towels and apron products designed to meet specific applications for industries like: automotive, restaurant/hospitality, printing, beauty salons, car washes and more. All laundered and delivered to your place of business on a flexible schedule set up by you and delivered by our professional and courteous Magnakleen representatives who manages your inventory for you.

Contact us at (203) 237-0025 and arrange a meeting with one of our specialist to help you decide which product and schedule is best for you.

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