Wet Mops

Microfiber MopsPre-Treat Mop System is a new cleaning and sanitization system which drastically changes manual floor cleaning with the use of pre-treated microfiber mops. With this cleaning system clean mops are pre-treated ahead of time in a cleaning solution and loaded into a top bucket and are ready to use immediately. Once you are done with one room, remove the mop and place it in the bottom bucket and put on a new mop and be ready to go.

Pre Treatment SystemThe Advantages of this cleaning system are:

  • Reduces working times as the mops are ready to be used and the operator does not have to fill buckets, wring mops or dilute products during cleaning.
  • Speeds up any type of manual cleaning of floors etc.
  • Easy to use: the operator has mops ready to be used and once he arrives on site with the service trolley he can start cleaning straight away using a mop for each room.
  • Mops can be reused until worn: the pre-treated mops can be used even 7-10 days after preparation, as long as the bucket is sealed at the end of work; this means that they can be easily transported in the bucket from one site to another for several days.